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Seven Mile Beach Vacation Rental Resort - Coral Stone Club

Why stay at Coral Stone Club

It’s Economical!

If you are traveling with three or more people, it will cost more to stay at a hotel because you pay for each room. At Coral Stone Club, the price of a vacation rental breaks down to $225 per room in low season and $385 per room in high season, for beachfront accommodations right on Seven Mile Beach!  So compare beachfront units in a hotel to beachfront units at Coral Stone Club and we can guarantee you will not find a better buy for your money. Beachfront vs. beach access, which do you prefer?

And, it’s more economical!

The currency in the Cayman Islands isn’t based on the Euro, so your dollar goes a lot further than it does on many other Caribbean islands.

And, it’s even more economical …

Vacation rental living is more economical than staying at a hotel.  Having your own fully stocked gourmet kitchen allows you to snack on smaller meals at less expense than dining on-site at a restaurant every time you are hungry.

Location, Location, Location!

You can take three steps out your unit to the beach, and walk to 18 restaurants and three spas, or simply go across the street to the liquor store and supermarket and stock up.  It’s not only convenient, but allows you to stay without the necessity of renting a car.


If you shop at the supermarket across the street, you can wheel the cart to your unit, right next to the refrigerator, unload it and leave it in our parking lot.  Someone will retrieve it for you the next day.  You can’t do that at home!

More relaxing than living in a hotel...

Having a fully equipped gourmet kitchen enables you to prepare a sumptuous breakfast, lunch or even dinner. This enables you far more flexibility for when you eat and how much you spend.  Why have someone wait on you three meals a day, when you can grab either a quick meal, prepare your own epicurean delight or order in from many local restaurants.  Then you can spend the time saved enjoying our award-winning beach!

Density? Whats that?

That refers to the amount of space per person around the pool and in the beach area.  Coral Stone Club has been around long enough to have the widest deepest piece of beach for a property its’ size.  Our property is set off the road, more than most, so it’s quiet in the unit, yet also back off the waters’ edge, so there is a lot of beach space per person.  Given our three-story building in an area more developed, we have more beach and pool area per guest than any other property on Seven Mile Beach.


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